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Smarter Alarm systems

Alarm systems for your home or business.

Call us for an assessment.

Your alarm system needs to be designed properly and installed by a professional. Your alarm system needs to be maintained by a certified technician to keep the integrity of the system and functioning at its peak.

Alarm Security Systems

Hard-wire or Wireless Systems


Call us to prewire your home or business.

We strive to hardwire your system for minimal maintenance of service in the future.
We will recommend wireless sensors where it will make sense or its impossible to install a cable.

Your system will be professionally designed around your needs, wireless or hard-wired. Full message keypad, wire-free keypad or touch screen keypads, the list is endless.
The basic phone line, GSM or network communications available.

Interactive Services


Enhanced interactive and automation for more convenience because of your busy schedule. 

Depending on your home or business, we will design your system for the best reliability with efficient installation practices. 

We strive to hardwire your system for minimal maintenance.  

We will recommend wireless sensors where it will make sense or its impossible to install a cable. 

With interactive, automation and smart devices, your core security system needs to be properly designed and installed with sensors in the correct locations, cable runs done right, repeaters installed if required for a system that will be trouble-free. Hire a professional to get the job done right.

GSM Monitoring Service


  Keeping your family and home secure is our first priority. With a dedicated cellular connection that is highly secure, especially with smart locks, cameras, lights and thermostats to eliminate hackers accessing your privacy at home or business.

Internet or broadband down?

No problem.

Power Outage?

Your covered with battery backup.

Phone line cut?

Not an issue.

Red Alert Surveillance's dedicated cellular connection means better reliability and uninterrupted protection. 

24/7 Monitoring


 Burglary & Vandalism: Using multiple devices for your doors, windows, glass break and motion devices and many more.
Home Intrusion: Using a remote device, keypad or stationary device will alert a panic situation, giving a high priority to the police.
Fire: in case of smoke/fire, the fire department will be dispatched immediately.
Medical Alert: Devices tailored for the elderly to notify the paramedics.
Gas Leaks: Devices that will detect C/O gases that are odorless and notify the fire department.
Flooding: Can cause thousands of dollars in damage and is ignored by homeowners, but we can monitor this situation
Extreme Temperature: Devices that will monitor extreme temperature changes such as low temperature to avoid pipe bursts in case of furnace/heat source failure. 

System Upgrades


Your old system not working or wearing down? We can upgrade your old system and upgrade your communicator for future automation.

 From a simple upgrade to a more enhanced system. We will listen and establish a plan that will suit your security needs. It all starts with a free on-site consultation.

 With additional interactive and automation enhancements. We can customize scenes for proactive measures and send notifications right to your phone.