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Monitoring Multiple Situations


Burglary & Vandalism

  Using multiple devices for your doors, windows, glass break and motion devices and many more.


Business/ Home Intrusion

Using a remote device, keypad or stationary device will alert a panic situation, giving a high priority to the police. Installed under the counter, by the bedside or wear around your neck. 


In case of smoke/fire, the fire department will be dispatched immediately.  Sensors installed in key locations to detect smoke and also preventing false alarms. 

Medical Alert

Devices tailored for the elderly to notify the paramedics. We only supply the best quality pendants and fall devices with a 2km range! Protecting your elderly loved ones. No extra monthly fee! Simply add on to your new alarm system.

Gas Leaks

Devices that will detect C/O gases that are odorless and notify the fire department. Other gases can also be detected, such as natural gas, propane and methane.


Prevent thousands of dollars in damage, we can install multiple water sensors and when detected, the main shut off will automatically shut off. 

Extreme Temperature changes

 Devices that will monitor extreme temperature changes such as low temperature to avoid pipe bursts in case of furnace failure. We can monitor Coolers and Freezers ect. preventing spoiling of food supplies.